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Things to do in St Lucia: Historical and Cultural Attractions

Things to do in St Lucia: Historical and Cultural Attractions

Chances are when you think of St Lucia, your thoughts will be full of pictures of lush rainforest, palm-fringed beaches, and a vista of the blue Caribbean Sea.

While this isn’t totally a wrong view – as a Caribbean island, no doubt, St Lucia does have its fair share of beaches and beautiful views – there is also a wealth of fascinating things to see and do in St Lucia.

Lets Step Back in Time

Saint Lucia is full of culture and history.

Kwéyòl – the Creole language of the St Lucian people – is widely spoken throughout the island, and visitors and residents can take classes in mastering its unique verbal and non verbal expressions.

The island, in the 18th and 19th centuries, changed hands between the British and French many times, which caused St Lucia to earn its nickname, The Helen of the West Indies.

This uniqueness has directly contribute to many activities both , culture and food that this island offers to his residents and visitors alike

Now Back to Today:

Things to do in St Lucia If you would love to have a taste of the culture and history of the island and have plans of visiting St Lucia, here are some of the top spots and places to explore and discover while in St Lucia

Balenbouche Estate

Balenbouche is a site of historical and cultural importance in St Lucia. The estate was once a plantation and sugar cane mill, where sugar and rum were created until the early 20th century.

Indigenous Amerindians from Central America from around 500AD inhabited the region around Balenbouche to the mid-17th century, when the Europeans arrived.

Balenbouche has over the past decades been transformed into eco-friendly vacation rental haven and destination location for years, it’s also important to note that is a family-run company and farm.

The Estate covers 75 acres are and there are several trails through the grounds, which is great for hiking, biking or simple a romantic walk with your special someone.

Many of these trails take you past some of gorgeous carvings that were made by the Amerindian, even winding scenery that leads to the estate’s old sugar factory.

Some of these trails require a manual, so before you visit, to check whether there is a guide available, it’s worth calling contact Balenbouche to plan that perfect time away.



The Choiseul Arts and Craft Center is the focal point of crafts and arts of the island, if not at the Choiseul area of St Lucia.

At this attraction, you’ll get all kinds of craft products to buy, including grass weavings, pottery, dolls, framed photographs, coconut and wood carvings, and much more.

Buying goods in the Center serve as a direct support to the community and craft culture in general.

Vacation in St Lucia Caribbean

Take a walk across Pon George – The Devil’s Bridge – and bear in mind that the legends about this landmark .

The bridge spans a 200ft-deep canyon from Choiseul’s River Doree district. Due to the mysterious ‘history’ locals, today will not cross the bridge since it is said that in case you try, you will disappear.

According to legend, the bridge was several times rebuilt because with each rebuilding; the bridge kept deteriorating at a rapid rate – the work of the Devil said the people.

It is said, and it is widely believe by the locals that eventually, a villager entered a pact that a bridge could be built and would be kept safe but in exchange for this the Devil wanted a sacrifice – a living soul in return to never destroy the bridge again.

The villager walked to the new bridge and sent the animal ahead to cross to the other side of the canyon. The Devil took the dog’s soul and the bridge’s safety was assured, but the Devil was angry to have been tricked in this way.

Still, reasoned the villager: the Devil hadn’t specified a human spirit as a living soul, so the deal had been kept fair and square. And the Devil couldn’t argue with that!

So goes the legend

while on your vacation to St Lucia – crossing the bridge would be a personal decision.